Simple as 1-2-3

Every foot is uniquely shaped.


Just like a fingerprint. This is why stock shoe insoles are flat. Unfortunately in today’s world of impact returning surfaces like concrete, most of the population suffer from issues related to over pronation in the arch of the foot.

These issues manifest as

  • Joint pain/soreness

  • Ankle/knee lower/back alignment issues

  • Early development of arthritis as one side of the joint rubs more than the other

  • Chronic injuries related to┬áconstant incorrect biomechanical function

Until now the only way to correct the issue was to obtain a true custom orthotic from a lab. A foam box would take the exact cast of the foot and an orthotic would be made. The price is high, the wait is long, and the shell is made from hard plastic which can create even more impact related issues.

With patent pending Gamechangers from Footprint Insole Technology you can now instantly make a custom orthotic in a matter of minutes and they can be remolded again and again.


Replacing your stock insoles with Footprint Insole Technology insoles will increase energy absorption from 49% to 91% on average.