Because every foot is different

Simple as 1-2-3

Molded to a women's mule.

Molded to different feet

Every foot is uniquely shaped.

Just like a fingerprint. Stock shoe insoles are flat…because until now it was impossible to make an insole that shapes to everyone’s unique foot.

Unfortunately in today’s world of impact returning surfaces like concrete, most of the population suffers from issues related to over pronation in the arch of the foot.

These issues manifest as

  • Joint pain/soreness
  • Ankle/knee lower/back alignment issues
  • Early development of arthritis as one side of the joint rubs more than the other
  • Chronic injuries related to constant incorrect biomechanical function

Don't fall for "thermomoldable" over the counter orthotics!

Until now the only real option was to obtain a  custom orthotic from a lab. A foam box would take the exact cast of the foot and an orthotic would be made. The price is high, the wait is long, and the shell is made from hard plastic which can create even more impact related issues.

With patent pending Gamechangers from Footprint Insole Technology you can now instantly make a custom orthotic in a matter of minutes which can be remolded again and again.

Molding Instructions

1. HEAT IN THE OVEN (No microwave)

Heating to 225F for 8-10 minutes causes the inner arch chamber to soften and expand allowing the insole to take the exact shape of any arch.


The insole takes the unique shape of the foot and becomes firm as it cools down. Firm enough to truly support the skeletal structure.

  1. Place in shoe and walk for a dynamic mold
  2. Stand on the insole for solid mold
  3. Sit and apply moderate pressure for an arch building mold


 Normally,as the muscles in your foot get tired or when taking heavy impacts, your arches will start to collapse. This leaves you prone to injury and soreness as your joints stop working in alignment.


  • increase balance
  • stop the arch from collapsing (overpronation)
  • increase performance time
  • prevent arthritis from uneven cartilage wear
  • prevent acute injury such as torn ACL


Many shoes have different widths so buying a custom orthotic from a lab will achieve different results in different shoes.

Gamechangers can simply be remolded to new shoes.

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